Institute Research Program

Beyond Textbooks: Where Curiosity Meets Cosmic Discovery

  • The Institute Research Program at Black Hole Space Tech is your gateway to conducting groundbreaking research in the realm of space science and exploration.
  • A pioneering initiative by Black Hole Space Tech, exclusively tailored for university and graduate students. Immerse yourself in a transformative 3-month journey of pure space research, exploration, and discovery. IRP empowers aspiring scientists and researchers to make substantial contributions to the realm of space science.
  • 3-Month Immersive Research Journey
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Renowned Experts
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Resources and Facilities
  • Mentorship by Accomplished Astronomers and Researchers
  • Publication Opportunities for Outstanding Research Outcomes
  • Guided field trips to observatories and space research centers

Open exclusively to university and graduate students (B.E., B.Sc., B.Tech., MTech., M.Sc., Bio, Chem, Math Pursuing/Completed), who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of space research and exploration.

  1. Submit an online application through our portal.
  2. Include a statement of intent, CV, and academic references
  3. Selection based on academic background and Research Interest.

IRP stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing a community of forward-thinking researchers and scientists. Through hands-on research, vibrant collaborations, and astute guidance, we're dedicated to elevating the landscape of space science and technology.

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