-by Jervin pinto | WSW 2023 - Blog Writing contest

Entrepreneurs are in themselves risk takers. You can’t call yourself an
entrepreneur without upholding the risk factor. But truly that is the fun
part. The adventure and the satisfaction lie at the success points of an
entrepreneurship. After all, entrepreneurship does not have an end. It
starts with your passion, and passion has no end.

Space too is such a field that requires courage, knowledge, and passion to
endure through its harsh conditions. Both these fields have a lot in common
as both test your level of creativity and endurance. And when these fields
come together it creates one of the most beautiful and passionate minds.
Ready to endure through failures, to success.
We see so many examples of this in today’s world. Companies like SpaceX,
Agnikul and Skyroot are making this endurance and are gaining success even
after passing through dark times. Companies like Black Hole Space
Tech too plays an important role in encouraging young minds to gain
this passion for endurance.

Being an entrepreneur in the space sector is highly challenging. It tests how
well, you have knowledge of what you explore and how you handle it. Space
entrepreneurs are not average entrepreneurs. They are the ones who seek
challenges and feed their curiosity for the betterment of humanity as a
whole. The results of this are highly satisfying and rewarding. There are
many opportunities in the space sector for a space entrepreneur, but some often stand out and create their own opportunities. They are the real
space entrepreneurs. A lot of talent and passion is needed to run such an
organization. Even though the space sector is sometimes crowded by
giants like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, it can be said that the space sector
certainly doesn’t work like any average entrepreneurship. It is where you
create your own opportunities.

An entrepreneur’s motto is “stay hungry, stay foolish.” But a space
entrepreneur’s motto is “Stay curious, stay Passionate”.

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